COS 2021: Care for Soldiers

Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song (Aljunied): Mr Chairman, Singapore’s defence strategy is dependent largely on the contributions of our National Servicemen. It is important that should our soldiers suffer injuries in the course of their service to the nation, they will be fairly compensated. This will give them the assurance to give their best during training and operations. I have a few questions for the Minister about MINDEF’s insurance and compensation schemes. 

First, does the current $150,000 Group Term Life and Group Personal Accident insurance cover operationally-ready National Servicemen? NSmen may be serving only up to 40 days a year, but they often participate in dangerous military exercises during that short stint.

Second, how was the amount for their insurance coverage derived? Is there room to increase it to provide better coverage in the event of death or total permanent disability of the servicemen?

And third, what are the factors considered for the lump sum disability compensation in the case of permanent disability?

Lastly, if a serviceman suffers a service injury in the course of actual combat operations, is the quantum of payouts the same as for training injuries?

Ministry of Defence
1 March 2021

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