COS 2022: Understanding Socio-economic Status Trends in Education

MP Leon Perera

Mr Leon Perera (Aljunied): Mr Chairman, I filed a Parliamentary Question last November, asking for data on the socio-economic backgrounds of students admitted into different categories of Secondary schools, such as Government, Government-aided and Independent categories. I wanted to find out the extent to which students from well-off families were concentrated in the more popular and well resourced group of schools. While the Government gave a response describing the school admissions process, it did not release the data I asked for.

I unsuccessfully attempted to file a follow-up question this January asking if MOE possesses this data. The question was not allowed on grounds of repetition.

In 2018, Prime Minister Lee acknowledged the fears of popular schools becoming closed circles.

Sir, I repeat my call for the data to be released as a measure of how we are faring on diversity and inclusivity if we are serious about recognising and tackling school-based socio-economic status (SES) trends which may have profound consequences for social mobility. Note that I am asking for data on SES by category of schools and not by each individual school.

7 March 2022
Ministry of Education

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