COS 2022: Safe and Responsible Riding

MP Dennis Tan

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong (Hougang): Thank you, Mr Chairman. In the past half a year or possibly longer, I have noted from media websites that the authorities have been regularly conducting operations to promote safe riding efforts by cyclists and Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) users.

And according to news, media reports or the LTA Facebook page, these efforts included enforcement against errant riders, as well as efforts by officers to stop and engage riders on-the-ground on safe riding etiquette, as well as use of the right equipment, such as having compliant e-bikes complying with road traffic or active mobility rules – such as observing appropriate speed limits, complying with traffic lights, riding against the traffic, no riding on expressways, wearing of helmets and riding in the right numbers or formation.

I had previously spoken of the need for consistent enforcement and I am heartened by the publicity on more regular enforcement. The enhanced publicity for these operations and engagements are also good, as they should help to encourage riders to be more conscious in riding safely and complying with road traffic or active mobility rules.

Will the Government give a brief report of its enforcement and engagements over the past year, including the number of cases of infringements by cyclists or PMD users, who were taken to task?

While I agree that the recent efforts are a step in the right direction, I have continued to see, on quite a regular basis, that there are still riders who, for example, beat red lights or cycle against the traffic, or do not wear helmets and riding on the road. I still see some e-scooters on the road or on footpaths, even though their use on these services have been banned for some time.

Though I agree that the use of PMDs on roads or footpaths have reduced considerably from the time before the ban took place, I am often surprised to see that people continue to take the risk of riding illegally. Sir, I hope the Minister would share MOT’s plans on how the Ministry will engage or deal with this smaller group of active mobility users who may continue to use their bikes or e-scooters illegally or inappropriately, so that we can continue to improve the riding culture in Singapore.

In particular, are there any lessons learned from the enforcement or engagement efforts in recent months, which can be applied to persuade this group of active mobility users?

9 March 2022
Ministry of Transport

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