MP Faisal Manap

Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap asked the Minister for National Development (a) since the inception of Project Dian@M³ on 17 June 2021, how many Malay households have managed to attain home ownership under this scheme; and (b) whether a breakdown can be provided on the number of these Malay households according to the zones of Geylang Serai, Bedok and Jalan Besar respectively.

Mr Desmond Lee: Project Dian@M3 was launched in December 2021 at three public rental blocks across the M3@Towns, with one block each in M3@Bedok, M3@Geylang Serai and M3@Jalan Besar. This initiative is run by the M3 Engagement Coordination Office and aims to support Malay/Muslim families living in public rental flats to achieve stability, self-reliance, and social mobility. 

Project Dian@M3 complements the Government’s efforts in supporting households living in public rental flats, by providing wrap-around support for Malay/Muslim families in rental flats and linking them up with community and national programmes, including MSF’s Community Link (ComLink) initiative, and HDB’s Home ownership Support Team. Under Project Dian@M3, volunteers befriend, build trust, and journey with the families, while connecting them with other agencies such as Social Service Offices, SkillsFuture Singapore, Ministry of Education, as well as community groups to help the families address their various challenges, and work towards purchasing their own HDB flat when they are ready. 

To date, M3@Towns and their volunteers have reached out to 170 out of 252 Malay/Muslim families living in the three rental blocks – 49 families in M3@Bedok, 72 families in M3@Geylang Serai and 49 families in M3@Jalan Besar. Amongst the families that are currently under Project Dian@M3, all of them are still working towards home ownership. 

For families living in public rental flats, attaining home ownership is a journey that takes time. The profiles of the families engaged under Project Dian@ M3 are varied, and they are at different stages of progress. Some are grappling with other challenges, such as employment challenges, family issues, and health issues. M3 continues to work with its partners and volunteers, and leverages Government schemes to support these families to achieve stability, self-reliance, and social mobility.

Ministry of National Development
1 August 2022

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