MP Pritam Singh

Mr Pritam Singh (Aljunied): Thank you, Speaker. Just a quick question for the Minister, in regard to his original reply where he stated that there were 1,600 SPED teachers, if I heard him correctly. Can I just confirm with the Minister whether that number includes the allied educators, who are an integral part of the SPED system? As the Minister also shared in certain cases, where there is a gap, a cognitive gap for certain children, the allied educator could be as or if not more important than the SPED teacher, depending on where the child is developmentally.

Mr Chan Chun Sing: Mr Speaker, Sir, the short answer is no. As what Ms Denise Phua said, beyond the SPED educators, we have another group of people, which include the allied educators, the physiotherapists and so forth, who form the entire community.

And I can get him the number that he asked for.

Ministry of Education
13 September 2022

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