MP Dennis Tan

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport what measures are in place to ensure that cyclists do not ride into bus stops or ride in ways that compromise the safety of bus stop users when travelling in close proximity of bus stops.

Mr S Iswaran: LTA has been undertaking various infrastructural improvements and public education measures to promote the safe use of active mobility devices. Where feasible, the space behind bus stops is converted to cycling paths or footpaths. This enables active mobility device users, including cyclists, to avoid riding into the bus stops. Guiding lines are drawn to direct users to the paths behind the bus stops. Complementing this, safety markings such as “SLOW” markings and speed regulating strips leading into the bus stop area remind cyclists to slow down and give way to commuters boarding and alighting from buses. Such safety features will be rolled out at more bus stops.

Under the Active Mobility Code of Conduct, cyclists should slow down and be prepared to stop when approaching crowded areas such as bus stops. LTA promotes the awareness of such safe riding practices through regular public education campaigns and safe riding programmes such as Confidence on Wheels. LTA also carries out regular enforcement operations to take errant users to task.

Ultimately, safety is a collective responsibility. I urge all commuters and path users to stay alert, look out for one another, and follow the rules and guidelines.

Ministry of Transport
13 September 2022

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