MP Jamus Lim

Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim asked the Minister for National Development (a) whether there are plans for implementing official guidelines for lane usage via lane markings for all park connectors that are demarcated with separate lanes; (b) if so, what are these plans and the timeline for its implementation; and (c) whether there are public education efforts to educate users of the Park Connector Network about the distinction between shared and designated lane usage.

Mr Desmond Lee: To provide greater clarity to users of our park connector network (PCN), NParks has been reviewing the lane markings on our park connectors in consultation with LTA, the Friends of the Park Connector Network (FoPCN)  and the Active Mobility Advisory Panel.

Most of our park connectors are shared paths due to land constraints in Singapore. For these paths, the revised lane markings will include signs to remind all users to keep left when using the park connectors. For park connectors that are demarcated with separate lanes, the revised lane markings will clearly indicate the different types of users allowed on each lane, such as pedestrians, cyclists and users of personal mobility devices. NParks has started to roll out the revised lane markings at selected park connectors and will review public feedback before implementing them progressively across park connectors island-wide.

NParks works closely with LTA, volunteers and the community to conduct joint engagement sessions on the safe use of our PCN, especially for park connectors with high usage and more frequent feedback on user conflicts. NParks has also collaborated with the Singapore Kindness Movement to raise public awareness on PCN etiquette through its Kindness Ambassadors. NParks will continue to work with the FoPCN and the community to promote gracious path sharing through workshops, cycling events, social media and banners along park connectors.

Ministry of National Development
3 October 2022

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