MP Dennis Tan

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport how does the Ministry work with schools to promote safe riding among students who use active mobility devices like bicycles as a mode of transport when going to school and riding through congested or residential areas.

Mr S Iswaran: LTA partners schools in promoting safe riding practices amongst students. 

For example, LTA offers school assembly talks to share with students how they can use active mobility devices safely and graciously. Schools that are interested can also sign up for the Confidence on Wheels programme to help students understand active mobility rules. The programme incorporates a practical component with students riding through a circuit. Since its launch in December 2021, LTA has conducted over 40 sessions at schools. As part of the outreach effort, LTA also shares a safe riding toolkit with educators in student care centres and primary schools, who help to nurture a safe path-sharing culture among their young charges.  

LTA also collaborates with partners such as the Singapore Kindness Movement and the Municipal Services Office to incorporate safe riding and path-sharing content into their student outreach initiatives.

We will continue with such public education efforts to build a safe and gracious path-sharing culture, beginning with young school-going children. We encourage interested schools to get in touch with LTA to explore such collaborations.

Ministry of Transport
3 October 2022

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