MP Louis Chua

Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis asked the Minister for Transport (a) what is the current ratio of bicycle parking lots per MRT station; (b) what will this ratio be by 2025, when 3,000 more bicycle parking lots are provided; and (c) what is the Ministry’s target ratio and number of lots expected by 2040, as part of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040. 

The Senior Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport (Mr Baey Yam Keng) (for the Minister for Transport): Mr Deputy Speaker, currently, there are about 27,000 bicycle parking lots across 127 MRT stations and Integrated Transport Hubs. In general, we do not look at a single fixed or target ratio for bicycle parking lots per MRT station. The number of lots ranges for different stations due to the different levels of demand near these transport nodes. Based on this assessed demand, LTA aims to provide sufficient parking capacity plus a built-in buffer, to address the trends of cyclist behaviour and needs in different parts of Singapore.

 Given the limited space in MRT stations, LTA also works with developments in the vicinity, such as shopping malls, to provide more bicycle parking. In line with our broad push for active mobility, LTA will continue to monitor areas with growing demand and build more bicycle parking lots over time.

Mr Deputy Speaker: Mr Louis Chua.

Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis (Sengkang): Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. Just two quick supplementary question. The first is, if the Ministry can share with us the utilisation rates of these bicycle lots.

Mr Deputy Speaker: I am afraid, Mr Chua, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng is seated quite far away and is straining to hear you. Could I invite you to just speak up a little please?

Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis: Sorry. The first is in regard to the utilisation rates of these bicycles lots across the different transit stations. And the second is, I understand that under the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 (LTMP), we do have targets for a 20-minute town and 45-minutes city, so whether or not we could set certain targets as to the number of lots in order to support these ambitions under the LTMP.

Mr Deputy Speaker: Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey.

Mr Baey Yam Keng: Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. Yes, LTA does track the utilisation of the bicycle lots at MRT stations. We do it annually. In particular for Mr Louis Chua’s area, based on a survey in 2022, the bicycle parking at Sengkang and Buangkok MRT stations has utilisation rates of about 65% and 77% respectively. However, these numbers have fluctuated over the past few years, given the COVID-19 situation may have affected daily commutes.

Yes, as part of our LTMP target, we do hope to provide public transport accessibility for our public. The first and last mile journeys are important and we do hope that more people can take to walking or cycling to reach these nodes. LTA has published broad planning parameters for MRT stations under the Walking and Cycling Design Guide, which will be applied for new MRT stations. These were developed considering factors such as MRT ridership, the number of dwelling units served and existing data and surveys. So, whether that station is a first mile or last mile station, whether it is near to, for example, foreign workers dormitories, the range of parking lot provisions will have a certain spectrum. So, for example, the range for first mile station is between 250 and 800; it is quite a big range depending on each locality.

LTA will continue to monitor the usage and to promote active mobility, so the provision for such infrastructure such as bicycle parking lots is critical and we will continue to work towards our vision of a car-lite Society.

Ministry of Transport
5 October 2022


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