MP Dennis Tan

 Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport (a) whether LTA will consider encouraging all pedestrians and all bicycle, personal mobility device and personal mobility aid users to keep left when using footpaths or the park connectors so as to promote safe and considerate use of footpaths and park connectors by all users; and (b) whether the Ministry can include this messaging in safe riding courses and all its public education materials relating to safe riding and safe use of footpaths and connectors.

Mr S Iswaran: LTA has, through various channels, been encouraging all path users to keep left on paths, to allow others to pass safely. Firstly, this is a guideline set out under the Code of Conduct for public path users, including pedestrians, which can be accessed through LTA’s website. Secondly, LTA has been promoting the message of keeping left on paths through various public campaigns and educational materials, such as LTA’s Confidence on Wheels programme, which educates users on safe riding practices. Thirdly, LTA has been reaching out to communities directly through the Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA). These are volunteers who engage the community and serve as ambassadors to promote the safe and gracious sharing of our paths. Interested individuals, groups and corporations can register their interest to be an ambassador at

We will continue with such public education efforts to build a safe and gracious path-sharing culture in Singapore. I urge all path users to play their part to abide by the rules, be considerate, and look out for one another. Collectively, we can make our experiences on paths more pleasant ones.

Ministry of Transport
28 November 2022

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