MP Leon Perera

Mr Leon Perera asked the Prime Minister following the conclusion of trials in Geylang and One-North and the commencement of trials in Punggol Northshore, whether an update can be provided on the Lamppost-as-a-Platform (LaaP) project on the key performance indicators of the trials, insights gained from the concluded trials and preliminary findings from the Punggol Northshore trial.

Mrs Josephine Teo (for the Prime Minister):  In an answer to a Parliamentary Question in February this year we explained that based on the first trial, which retrofits roadside lampposts in brownfield sites, GovTech assessed that it is technically feasible to deploy sensors on retrofitted lampposts. GovTech has also developed a lamppost infrastructure design that converts a normal lamppost into a shareable Lamppost-as-a-Platform (LaaP) that can accommodate multiple sensors. 

The design allows agencies deploying sensors to share the same LaaP infrastructure and avoid duplicating the resources and time to set up their own infrastructure. We are still studying the demand, costs, and their impact on deployment. 

The second trial tests use cases relevant to residential areas in a greenfield site, and its conclusion has been delayed by COVID-19. It is currently still ongoing and is expected to conclude in 2023. As the trial is still in early stages, it would be premature to discuss the performance.

Prime Minister’s Office
29 November 2022


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