Use of E-scooters and Electric Bikes

MP Dennis Tan

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong (Hougang): Thank you, Madam. Recently, Minister Iswaran replied to my Parliamentary Question informing that 760 persons were caught using personal mobility devices (PMDs) on footpaths in January to November 2022, down from 1,100 in 2021 and that 170 persons were caught riding PMDs on roads in January to November 2022, as compared to 210 in 2021.

While I applaud the enforcement efforts of the LTA officers and I appreciate that we have come a long way from the heyday the e-scooter menace. Many people are still using their e-scooters illegally despite the enforcement and public education efforts. Our Enforcement Officers cannot be at every street, junction or footpath. I still see e-scooters being used almost every day on footpaths or on the roads. I see e-scooters on Park Connectors too. Though allowed, most houses or flats are not directly linked to a Park Connector and how often do we see anyone pushing their e-scooters along footpaths, enroute to Park Connectors? We also read of fires from charging e-scooters which imply continual use.

I would like to ask the Minister, beyond existing enforcement and public education efforts, does LTA have any new initiatives to further reduce the illegal use of PMDs? The restrictions on e-scooters led to the rise in the number of electric bikes. E-bikes are not allowed on footpaths, yet many are still being used on footpaths. I have seen them on HDB void decks too. On the roads, it is comments to common to see some e-bike riders

Ministry of Transport
2 March 2023

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