Strengthening the Trampoline

MP Leon Perera

Mr Leon Perera (Aljunied): Mr Chairman, the trampoline is used to talk about helping individuals bounce back. Safety nets are equally important but, today, I will make proposals to improve the trampoline.

Firstly, the Global Nutrition Report says Singapore is “off course” to prevent prevalence of overweight children under five from increasing. The cost of healthy eating is a key reason why we say it is expensive to be poor. Would the Government consider offering vouchers programmed to help parents buy healthier foods, like whole fruits and vegetables, to help children start off on the right foot?

Secondly, financial literacy needs to be hands-on as it involves trust and experience in research-based concepts. Discourse builds this trust. For schools, MoneySENSE co-funds vendor talks and workshops covering at least one of three tiers: basic money management, financial planning and investment know-how.

Since schools infuse financial literacy in Character and Citizenship Education and Food and Consumer Education curricula, could they dovetail the three MoneySENSE tiers into existing curricula to avoid repetition while ensuring good coverage of topics?

Ministry of Social and Family Development
3 March 2023

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