MP Sylvia Lim

Ms Sylvia Lim asked the Minister for Health in terms of using technology to care for older people (a) whether studies have been done to compare Singapore’s adoption of technologies and innovations with those of other developed countries in Asia; (b) if so, how does Singapore fare by comparison; and (c) what are the technological areas and innovation utilisations that Singapore can improve on.

Mr Ong Ye Kung: The Ministry of Health constantly monitors best practices and technological innovations in other countries, including in aged care, that are suitable to be used in local settings. However, we do not deliberately evaluate how we fare, compared to other countries in this area, as circumstances differ across countries. 

Over the years, we have embarked on numerous projects that use technology to enhance care for seniors. One example is a web-based health management system that integrates technology and home care services, such as smart home sensors, medication adherence and meal planning and delivery. Another project aims to create a safe home environment for seniors through a sensor-enabled fall detection system. Service providers also adopt technology in different ways, including leveraging telehealth for remote monitoring of vitals, checking in on mental and emotional well-being, and delivery of care services. There are also ongoing trials to bring companion robots that were developed in other countries, such as Japan, into nursing homes and community hospitals to improve seniors’ social engagement. 

Ministry of Health
20 March 2023

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