MP He Ting Ru

Ms He Ting Ru asked the Minister for National Development since the introduction of the scheme to buy back HDB flats from eligible Ethnic Integration Policy-constrained flat owners who have difficulty selling their flats (a) how many applications have been received under the scheme; (b) what is the breakdown by ethnic groups; and (c) how many flats have been successfully sold back to HDB.

Mr Desmond Lee: HDB provides a range of assistance measures for flat owners who face genuine difficulties selling their flats when the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) quotas have been reached. These include giving EIP-constrained flat owners more time to sell off their existing flat if they have purchased another one or waiving the EIP limits in exceptional circumstances to allow them to sell their flat to buyers from any ethnic group. In cases where waiving the EIP limit may lead to further imbalances in the proportion of the various ethnic groups in blocks or neighborhoods, HDB may consider buying back flats from eligible EIP-constrained flat owners.

In 2022, HDB received 411 EIP-related appeals. Fourteen percent of the appeals were from the Chinese ethnic group, 25% from the Malay ethnic group and 61% from the Indian/Others ethnic group. HDB acceded to 128 of the appeals, of which four of them were assisted through the buyback assistance measure. Most of the remaining cases were ineligible as the flat owners did not make regular attempts to sell their flats over a continuous period or had yet to own their flats for at least 10 years.

 HDB will continue to extend assistance measures to flat owners who face genuine difficulties selling their flat when the EIP quotas have been reached.

Ministry of National Development
20 March 2023

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