MP Dennis Tan

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport (a) what steps have been taken to ensure that the construction of Changi Airport Terminal 5 is in line with sustainability goals; and (b) whether steps are taken to future proof the development of the terminal against climate change.

The Minister for Transport (Mr S Iswaran): Mr Speaker, on the Member’s first question, the factsheet entitled “Enhancing Singapore’s Connectivity; Securing our Future” which was released by my Ministry on 21 August 2022 includes details on how we are designing Terminal 5 (T5) to be a green and sustainable terminal building.

 Changi Airport Group’s 2022 Annual Sustainability Report addresses the second question. The Report describes measures that have been taken including the enhancement of the drainage network at Changi Airport, installation of tidal gates and raising the platform level at Changi East to 5.5 metres above mean sea level. 

I have also given a written reply to Dr Tan Wu Meng’s Parliamentary Question on 13 September 2022 on the mitigating measures that have been taken to protect Changi Airport against the effect of higher temperatures.

 We will continue to monitor technological developments and review and enhance the measures for T5 to be green, sustainable and resilient to climate change.

Ministry of Transport
21 March 2023

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