MP He Ting Ru

Ms He Ting Ru asked the Minister for Home Affairs in each of the last three years (a) how many motorists have been charged under the Road Traffic Act 1961 for obstructing emergency vehicles; and (b) what is the breakdown of vehicle types for these offenders.

Mr K Shanmugam: Under the Road Traffic Act 1961, it is an offence for motorists to obstruct emergency vehicles that are responding to an emergency. The composition sums for this offence are $150 for light vehicles and $200 for heavy vehicles. Offenders will also receive four demerit points. In cases where there are aggravating factors, the Traffic Police will charge the offenders in Court. First-time offenders can be fined up to $1,000 or imprisoned up to three months, or both.

Between 2020 and 2022, no motorists were charged in Court for this offence. The number of motorists offered composition sums was four in 2020, two in 2021 and zero in 2022.

Table 1 shows the breakdown of the motorists offered composition sums, by vehicle type.

Ministry of Home Affairs
21 March 2023

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