MP Gerald Giam

Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song asked the Prime Minister after Parliament is dissolved and before the results of the General Election are announced (a) whether the former Members of Parliament are allowed to (i) hold Meet-the-People sessions in their constituencies, interact with residents and provide assistance to them and (ii) write appeal letters to Government agencies or other organisations on behalf of their constituents; and (b) if they do, whether the Government agencies are obliged to respond to them.

Mr Chan Chun Sing (for the Prime Minister): The law does not prohibit anyone, including former Members of Parliament (MP) from holding Meet-the-People sessions, interacting with residents and providing assistance to them, such as by writing appeal letters, after Parliament is dissolved, as long as they do not misrepresent themselves to be serving MPs. 

Ministries and other Government agencies will duly consider any appeal letters received, whether they are written by serving MPs, former MPs or members of the public and will reply to the appeal letters after due consideration.

Prime Minister’s Office
21 March 2023

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