MP Leon Perera

Mr Leon Perera asked the Minister for National Development (a) how many months on average does it take before HDB officers contact the errant tenant on their public rental flat arrears; and (b) what process is undertaken by HDB to understand the reasons behind the arrears.

Mr Desmond Lee: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) takes a compassionate approach towards public rental tenants in arrears.

When tenants default on their rents, HDB will send SMS and letter reminders in the first two months and encourage tenants to approach HDB if they face difficulties paying their rent. From the third month onwards, HDB officers will reach out to tenants through other channels, such as phone calls and house visits, to better understand their individual circumstances.

HDB has various assistance measures in place to support public rental tenants in arrears. For those in financial difficulties, HDB can reduce their rents and allow them to pay off their arrears in instalments. Besides actively advising and guiding tenants, HDB can also refer tenants to Social Service Offices, Family Service Centres or other social service agencies for financial and social assistance. 

Ministry of National Development
8 May 2023


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