COS 2021: Better Support for SC and SPR Applications

Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap (Aljunied): Sir, I have a number of elderly and also non-English speaking residents who approached me for assistance to do online application for Singapore Citizenship or Singapore Permanent Residence for their foreign spouse. When asked for a reason why they are not able to do so, among the responsesContinue reading “COS 2021: Better Support for SC and SPR Applications”

COS 2021: State of the Arts amidst COVID-19

Ms Sylvia Lim (Aljunied): Chairman, COVID-19 has impacted the art sector profoundly. Many organisations and artists saw their income plummet due to the restrictions around live performances. Arts practitioners have felt the brunt of the pandemic and many have turned to other sources of income. Today, I shall touch on the uncertainty felt in theContinue reading “COS 2021: State of the Arts amidst COVID-19”

COS 2021: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap (Aljunied): Sir, in Malay. (In Malay): [Please refer to Vernacular Speech.] Sir, the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore, just like the rest of the country, is aware and concerned towards current issues that we face. It is the nature of Malays to help each other, as the Malay proverb goes – “shoulder anyContinue reading “COS 2021: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore”

COS 2021: Impact of Children and Young Persons Act Amendments 2019

Ms Sylvia Lim (Aljunied): In 2019, the Ministry introduced four significant updates to the Children and Young Persons Act.  First, changes were made to enhance the safeguarding of abuse on neglected children; second, the rehabilitation and re-integration of youth offenders was strengthened; third, parents with difficulties managing their children were to apply for family guidanceContinue reading “COS 2021: Impact of Children and Young Persons Act Amendments 2019”

COS 2021: Pre-school Places

Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis (Sengkang): Chairman, I understand that by around 2025, 80% of pre-schoolers can have a place in a Government supported pre-school, up from about 50% in 2019. While the Government has increased the number of infant care and childcare places over the last five years, this is still woefully inadequate in townsContinue reading “COS 2021: Pre-school Places”

COS 2021: Tackling Healthcare Inequality

Mr Leon Perera (Aljunied): Mr Chairman, Sir, from a recent reply to my Parliamentary Question, we now know that residents aged 25 years old with below Secondary education have a life expectancy 5.8 years lower than that with those with post-Secondary education. I thank the Minister for Health for the detailed answer. We also learntContinue reading “COS 2021: Tackling Healthcare Inequality”

COS 2021: Commuter-centric Public Transport

Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song (Aljunied): Efficient and convenient public transport is vital to achieving many of our national priorities. It allows HDB to build more flats away from the city. It enables workers to travel to further out workplaces and it helps us to reach our climate change goals. I sold my car five yearsContinue reading “COS 2021: Commuter-centric Public Transport”

COS 2021: MediShield Life Premiums

Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song: Between 2016 and 2019, $7.5 billion in premiums for MediShield Life were collected and $3.5 billion in claims were paid out, while a further $3 billion was set aside for future premium rebates. Many Singaporeans are concerned about the impending premium hikes of up to 35% to MediShield Life. MoreContinue reading “COS 2021: MediShield Life Premiums”

COS 2021: MediSave Use for Outpatient Treatment

Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song (Aljunied): Many seniors suffer from chronic conditions which require extended care and that can be very expensive. Most outpatient treatment is not covered by MediShield Life and access to MediFund is only available to the very low income. The use of MediSave is subject to annual withdrawal caps. This canContinue reading “COS 2021: MediSave Use for Outpatient Treatment”

COS 2021: Sheltered Pedestrian Crossings

Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap (Aljunied): Sir, I have observed there are schools in the HDB estate where they are covered pathway that extended from the school gate to the nearby bus-stop. In locations where the nearest bus-stop is located opposite the school, which requires road crossing, the shelter is extended across the pedestrian crossing.Continue reading “COS 2021: Sheltered Pedestrian Crossings”