Parliament: Response to the President’s Address – The WP in Parliament: Making Your Vote Count

Introduction  Mr Speaker, the Government’s direction as encapsulated by the President’s Address continues in the same vein from the last term of Parliament. A significant part of the information contained in the addenda to the President’s Address have been made known previously even before Parliament was prorogued. The Workers’ Party MPs have therefore raised issuesContinue reading “Parliament: Response to the President’s Address – The WP in Parliament: Making Your Vote Count”

Parliament: The role of the Workers’ Party during COVID-19

Introduction  “Our workers fighting in the trenches and workers supporting the fight – from nurses to cleaners, from GP doctors to infectious disease specialists, from medical researchers to delivery persons, and those Singaporeans driving our people to hospitals and quarantine facilities – are our heroes. We should not forget our public officers too. From civilContinue reading “Parliament: The role of the Workers’ Party during COVID-19”

Parliament: Budget 2023 Speech

Mr Pritam Singh (Aljunied): Sir, my speech is in two parts. In the first part, I will speak about the overarching thrust of the Budget. In the second part, I will address three specific areas covered by the Deputy Prime Minister: one, Jobs and the new Jobs-Skills Integrators; two, the raising of the CPF income ceiling;Continue reading “Parliament: Budget 2023 Speech”

Parliament: Motion on HDB Affordability and Accessibility

Introduction Mr Speaker, the Workers’ Party MPs have spoken on a number of relevant areas and shared our views on the motions before the House. Sengkang GRC MP Louis Chua Kheng Wee has spoken about the inadequacy of Build-to-Order HDB (BTO) launches, Sengkang GRC MP A/P Jamus Lim has spoken about the tension between housingContinue reading “Parliament: Motion on HDB Affordability and Accessibility”

Parliament: Repeal of Section 377A

Introduction Mr Speaker, beyond the bread-and-butter matters of economics and material well-being, Singaporeans must occasionally confront issues that concern our collective values – how we see each other as a citizen community and what kind of place we want Singapore to be. Section 377A of the Penal Code – which I will henceforth refer to as 377A – that criminalisesContinue reading “Parliament: Repeal of Section 377A”

Parliament: Healthier SG White Paper – A place for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine

Introduction Sir, the WP MPs have raised points which cover the main prongs of the Healthier SG White Paper. These include concerns on capitation funding, manpower issues across the healthcare landscape and the future evolution of the family medicine ecosystem as envisaged, amongst others points. The upcoming changes to the healthcare system underwritten by theContinue reading “Parliament: Healthier SG White Paper – A place for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine”

Workers’ Party: Members’ Forum 2022 Speech on Party Discipline

(Abridged Version) Party Chair, CEC members and fellow members of the Workers’ Party – I am delighted to be able to speak with you this morning. In my address to Party cadre members on the 27th of December 2020, about six months after the General Election 2020, I had warned that having made some politicalContinue reading “Workers’ Party: Members’ Forum 2022 Speech on Party Discipline”

Speech to WP Youth Wing on the WP’s Approach to Politics

President Workers’ Party Youth Wing Nicole Seah, colleagues and friends, Thank you for coming to the Workers’ Party HQ this afternoon for this engagement session organized by the Youth Wing. I recall my own association with the Youth Wing some 12-odd years ago and fondly remember some events we tried to organise. One idea weContinue reading “Speech to WP Youth Wing on the WP’s Approach to Politics”

Commentary on Singapore Drug Laws

The death penalty for drug traffickers in Singapore has once again come to the forefront of public discourse, especially online and in the international press. Locally, the range of views are not particularly varied, but arguably both narrow and binary — Singaporeans tend to be either for or against the death penalty. Additional questions likeContinue reading “Commentary on Singapore Drug Laws”

NUS Top Guns Forum: Effective & Constructive Politics

Good evening everyone. Today, I will speak about a key issue in achieving effective and constructive politics. Namely, how to find Singaporeans who are prepared to undertake public service through opposition politics – to have them join as party members, and perhaps even stand as candidates. It is critical that people step up and joinContinue reading “NUS Top Guns Forum: Effective & Constructive Politics”